A Travel Guide to The Northern Areas of Pakistan – Stunningly Beautiful and Safe to Travel

Northern areas of Pakistan are believed as heaven on the planet among regular vacationers. These areas are beyond the grasp of ongoing terrorism. Terrorism in Pakistan is merely on those places that Pashtuns population lives or controls the areas. The situation is the same as it was in Sri Lanka where civil war or terrorism was limited to Tamil community areas or big cities where Tamils were visiting or living. Exactly the same scenario is in Pakistan where terrorism is mainly in big cities and in Pashtun community areas. In this travel guide, tourists are accustomed to only those areas where no law and order situation continues to be pointed out and these area are classified as very friendly and peaceful areas.


Fairy Meadows


Fairy Meadows can easily be approached from the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) operates two flights to Gilgit daily, which is the main city of Northern Areas of Pakistan. Further via silk route (KKH) up to Raikot Bridge, 76 km from Gilgit & further jeep able journey.




Hunza continues to be ruled by the family known as Mirs of Hunza for 960 years. Hunzakuts are believed to be the descendents of five wandering soldiers of Alexander the Great. The folks of Hunza speak Brushuski, an aboriginal language. This princely state stored its isolated independence for a long time in the remote part of the areas which now form the Northern Areas of Pakistan adjoining the Sinkiang Autonomous Region of China.


Kaghan Valley


The 161 kms long landscape of the Kaghan Valley with its towering Himalayan peaks, tranquil lakes, majestic glaciers and spilling falls is a scenic wonderland, ending northwards in the 4148 metres (13,600 ft) high Babusar Pass, jeep service is easily obtainable in the valley during summer season, while hotels and rest-houses offer comfy lodging. .The experience starts of Bellyached, a captivating mountain village, where a road climbs 34 kms up to Shogran. At a height of 2,362 metres, Shogran has heavily wooded slopes and grassy meadows, which produce an ideal setting for your first stopover.




Amongst a landscape of towering mountains, deep gorges, crashing waterfalls and quiet lakes, Skardu, the region headquarters of Baltistan, can be found on the banks of the mighty river Indus, just 8 km above its confluence with the river Shigar. Located at a height of 2286 meters (7,500 ft), Skardu provides a awesome and bracing climate. Around the eastern boundary of the district lies Ladakh, in the western world Gilgit, in the south Indian-held Kashmir and to the north is the Chinese province of Sinkiang.